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Union Catalogues Department

administrator of the Union Catalogue of the Czech Republic

Address: National Library of the Czech Republic

Registered address

Sodomkova 2/1146

102 00 Prague 10

Czech Republic

Telefon: +420-221663205-7

In a case of question You can appeal to:

Head of the Department
PhDr. Eva Svobodová +420-221663207
Monographs database administrators

Jan Matějovič +420-221663206
Mgr. Běla Moravcová, DiS. +420-221663206

PhDr. Eva Svobodová +420-221663207

Serials database administrators

Mgr. Miroslava Kendeová +420-221663205

PhDr. Jana Stárková +420-221663205

Administrator of the directory of the libraries and information institutions (databse ADR)

Mgr. Zdenka Manoušková +420-221663174
Bc. Jana Militká +420-221663428
Informations about ILL in UC of the Czech Republic
Mgr. Zdenka Manoušková +420-221663174

Contracts between libraries and UC of the Czech Republic

Bc. Jana Militká +420-221663428

Informations about Czech national bibliography number in the UC of the Czech Republic

Mgr. Miroslava Kendeová
Mgr. Ingrid Vostrá +420-221663429
Administrator of the server and webmaster

Jiří Krebes +420-221663206
Oct 30, 2015