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On-line updating of the ADR Database

The ADR Database contains information about more than 8, 000 libraries and information centres of the Czech Republic involved in the building of the Union Catalogue (the former CEZL) or in the ILL service or cooperating with the Information Centre for Librarianship of the NL CR.

Each record in the database contains a Location Code and information provided by the particular institution. The Location Code is assigned by the Union Catalogues Department on the request of the institution. The integrity and amount of information in the database depends on the institution itself. An update form has been created to simplify the updating process. This on-line service is available for registered libraries only, registration is granted by the UC administrator with a login-protected account. The libraries are asked to fill up four types of information on the updating form (or just to simply validate the already existing data):

  • The general data of the institution (name and title of the organization, registered address of the organization and its branches, names of the representatives and responsible persons, etc.).
  • The Contact data (Phone and Fax numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs, etc.)
  • The ILL services data
  • Available statistical data

More information in Czech only.

Nov 20, 2015