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SKCM Sub-Database

Basic information about monographs and special documents in the UC CR

The Monographs and Special Documents Sub-Database contains approximately 5,6 million records of monographic and special publications of foreign and domestic production (books - professional literature , fiction, miscellanea and proceedings, local publications, etc.). There is no limit for the date of printing. Libraries work up records relevant to documents issued earlier in the framework of the retroconversion process.

The database includes following special documents: sheetmusic, maps, audiovisual documents, etc. The records enable to get information on the document owner as well as a direct connection with the catalogue of the library that holds the document.

The records contain bibliographical particulars (author, title, edition area) and in the Location Code and library abbreviation also information about the owner of the document.

From the respective records there is a link to the local catalogues and also a possibility to send request for loan or a copy of the document.

For searching in the database the following indexes are available:

  • All Fields
  • Title
  • Author / Corporate author
  • Subject (keywords)
  • Publisher
  • Place of publication
  • Year of publication
  • Document language code
  • Country code
  • Type of document
  • System number
Nov 20, 2015