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Useful Links

  • National Library of the Czech Republic
    The National Library preserves general and specialized book holdings. It is the centre of the Czech libraries network providing professional, informational, educational, coordinative and metodical services. It exercises also many other activities.
  • Conspectus
    The Conspectus is an international standard method of collection assessment providing systematic subject data that libraries need for collection management. It enables to get information on the topical profile of the collection without bibliographical details.
  • ZIG-CZ
    The Z39.50 Implementors Group ZIG-CZ aims at improving the development and usage of Z39.50 protocol in the environment of Czech libraries and thus reducing costs of their budgets. The list of Czech libraries offering records to be downloaded via Z39.50 is available here.
  • Czech National Bibliography
    The database contains bibliographic records of books published in the Czech Republic since 1901 and periodicals after 1989. Records of sheetmusic, maps, audio and electronical documents, etc. are included, too.
  • WebArchiv
    WebArchiv is a digital archive of Czech web resources which are being collected with the aim of their long-term preservation.
  • Czech National ISSN Centre
    The Czech National Centre of the International Standard Serials Numbering System assigns ISSN numbers which are used for unambiguous identification of serial titles on the territory of the CR.
Sep 21, 2015