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Downloading Records of the Union Catalogue of CR

Thanks to the Z39.50 protocol the Union Catalogue databases can serve as an important source of records for libraries. Copy-cataloguing ranks among priority services of the UC CR. If the system of a library includes implementation of a Z39.50 client, the library can define SKC as another database and use it in a similar way as it uses other databases of the system. The native format of records of the UC CR is MARC21, but there is a converter available which extends this service to libraries operating in UNIMARC format. Thus both formats, UNIMARC & MARC21, are at disposal of the system, however it depends on the Z39.50 client adjustment. Also a double codepage of character sets is accessible for a record to be downloaded, the most used being the MS Windows CP-1250 codepage, and the more moderne UTF-8 unicode.

More information can be found here:

Parameters for adjusting a Z39.50 client to the UC and other library catalogues in the CR can be found here:

Downloading from the UC CR can also be done through the Uniform Information Gateway (Information in Czech language only).

Sep 14, 2015