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SKCP Sub-Database

Basic information about serials in the Union Catalogue of the CR

The Serials Sub-Database contains c. 164,000 records of serial publications of foreign and domestic production held in collections of libraries and institutions of the Czech Republic.
Nearly 350 of those libraries are participating in the updating of the SKCP database.
Plenty of records of foreign serials were created due to the conversion of card catalogues of CEZL (Central register of foreign literature / or / Union Catalogue of foreign language publications in the Czech libraries) and RSZP (Retrospective catalogue of foreign periodicals) into the electronic format. The earliest recorded journal issued in 1527. Thanks to the retroconversion the database contains c.1,400 Location Codes.

For searching in the database the following indexes are available:

  • All Fields
  • Title
  • Author / Corporate author
  • Subject (keywords)
  • Publisher¨
  • Place of publication
  • Year of publication
  • Document language code
  • Country code
  • Type of document
  • System number

The search modes offer also additional limiting indexes:

  • Language code
  • Year of publication
  • Type of document (predefined as Books, Serials, Maps, ...)

The standard view of records in SKCP database offers basic bibliographic particulars and information about the document owner who can be identified in the field "Owner of doc." and is included in the Location Code and library abbreviation. Furthermore years and volumes, in some cases also call numbers and a comment are available there. The year of the last update is put in the brackets.

The record is connected to the interrelated records of previous and following serials through the links labelled "Continues" and "Continued by".

After using the Location Code in the field "Owner of doc." the direct link is provided to the ADR Database (Libraries & Information Centers in the Czech Republic) which covers all necessary contact data (address, phone numbers, e-mail and URLs of the library) available both for single users and library loan services. The Location Code in the field "Local record" links to the record in the local catalogue of the owner.

Nov 21, 2015