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The SKC Database On-Line Updating

The Union Catalogue offers the possibility to update on-line the data about the holdings of libraries participating in the SKC Database. This service is available for registered libraries only, the registration is granted by the UC CR administrator with a login-protected account. The libraries can change the already existing data or they can add new ones. It applies to information about holdings, such as volumes and years of a serial held, call numbers and shelf marks or links to their catalogue, etc. There is no possibility to alter any other date in the record. To do so, the simple on-line updating form contains field for notifications and other announcements referring to the record for a later audit of the administrator. The updating form can be activated from a displayed record only.
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There are 186 libraries using this on-line service for updating of their holdings data, especially the holdings of serial publications. The number of on-line accesses registered in 2007 exceeded 24,000.

Libraries cooperating on-line in serial publications section.

Oct 16, 2015